Fighting, Fleeing, Saving, Bleeding

We're just becoming who we are.

13 August
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I'm just another college student trying to survive in a society that sees people (especially people my age) as resources and not...people. No, I'm not communist, but I can agree with some communist ideas. I'm rather cynical when it comes to...a lot of things, but I can be hopeful too. I don't like to call myself a Christian because that's a term used too loosely these days. I rather call myself a Christ follower. I try my best to model my life (thoughts, actions, and words) after the perfect example set by Jesus. Not to say I never fail. Oh, no, I fail way too often for my comfort. But that's why God gave us His perfect plan of redemption in the death of Christ. I kind of wake up every morning with the attitude of an addict; I just try to get through that day "clean" of whatever sin I may do. The hard part is knowing that I'll never be "cured" of my addiction until I see the inside of those pearly gates. That tends to give me a bad attitude sometimes. But I also know I'm not alone. I have the support of my fellow Sinner's Anonymous groupies, and the source of all strength; Christ.

BTW, I love and support ALL people...just because I don't agree with their lifestyle choices, it doesn't mean they're not people who deserve love, respect, and kindness. In my opinion anyway. And I lovingly support the supreme humbling of any and all people who have given Christianity a bad name. Funny how those who claim to have staked their lives on the message of Jesus seem to forget or simply ignore that His way wasn't to build multi-million dollar missions programs or advocate a weathy way of living...His way was to associate with the sinners of His day. If gays/lesbians, druggies, porn stars, and convenience store employees are "the sinners of today's fallen world", why isn't Joel Osteen sitting in a 7/11 right now?