Which Brick?


Fighting, Fleeing, Saving, Bleeding

We're just becoming who we are.

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haha this was great. funny, made my night.


Thank you! I appreciate the feedback! :D

First of all: *SQUEEEEEEE*
Second of all: Yes, I most definitely owe you one. You have seriously just made my night. You do realize, however, that since you did such an amazing job with this one that I will continue hounding you until you write me more?
Thirdly: "And that's what families do, when the love each other." Is "the" supposed to be "they?" Also, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the "teddy bear in barbed wire" line...
Fourthly: I love you dearly. Thank you for overcoming your gag reflex to write me this. :D

First of all: I'm glad you liked it.
Second of all: No. I repeat. N.O.
Thirdly: I NOW HAVE TWO PEOPLE THAT AGREE WITH ME ON THE "RAYNE IS WEIRD" THING. My supervisor and our mutual friend Half-Pint (The Person Formerly Known As Lindsey).
Fourthly: Despite the fact that I also love you dearly, no. There will be no more.

Thank you muchly! This was my first fic ever, so it's nice to have someone other than my "bff" give feedback. Makes me feel like it's not so skewed. :D

I'm proud that you are using your writing skills for something...but as you can imagine...I don't get any of it!!! You wrote this for abs...how about something I would appreciate?! LOL!

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